We are pleased to announce The Healing House is re-opening next Monday the 18th of May for Counselling, Psychotherapy and  Life Readings. Some house keeping instructions while at The Healing House New perspex shields are installed and 2 metre social distancing facilities are in place as well as sanitizers and hand washing areas. Other hands … Continue reading "THE HEALING HOUSE REOPENS NEXT MONDAY THE 18TH"

  • Anxiety – Pearse Kieran Clinical Psychotherapist discusses…

    Anxiety – A Human Context Anxiety is a word many of us understand intuitively. We tend to associate it with worry and stress. In clinical terms however it is described as an unpleasant state experienced as apprehension, nervousness, uneasiness and distress. It is associated with a heightened arousal of the senses and an increased activation … Continue reading "Anxiety – Pearse Kieran Clinical Psychotherapist discusses…"

  • All About Hypnotherapy and Havening Techniques

    Stephen Travers is the founder of Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin and has over 15 years’ expertise as a therapist. He practices here in The Healing House in the heart of Dublin where he sees clients for private and confidential one to one sessions. Below are a summary and some details about his extensive therapy experience, his … Continue reading "All About Hypnotherapy and Havening Techniques"

  • Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy sessions @ The Healing House

    Stop Smoking Hypnosis @ The Healing House…Much research and many studies show hypnotherapy to be one of the most effective rapid, natural and effective methods to help you to quit smoking for good. Stephen Travers at the Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Dublin discusses some of the techniques he employs during his stop smoking hypnosis Understand the … Continue reading "Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy sessions @ The Healing House"

  • Have you ever considered joining a therapy group?

    Group Therapy @ The Healing House – When and where There is an analytic psychotherapy group running in The Healing House for the last two years. The group meets weekly for an hour and a half on Tuesday evenings. Prospective group members are asked to give a commitment of at least a year. It is … Continue reading "Have you ever considered joining a therapy group?"

  • Welcome to The Healing House in 2020 & Our Very First Blog Post announcing new therapies and courses…

    We have new therapists joining our dedicated team in 2020 and many new treatments for those difficult problems that folks find hard to discuss. We are pleased to announce help is now available for the following conditions. Anal Leakage Bowel Disturbances Hemorrhoids Constipation Low or Lack of Bladder Control Spotting when exercising or coughing Lack … Continue reading "Welcome to The Healing House in 2020 & Our Very First Blog...