Veronica McGuire Child Therapist and Creative Arts Therapist

About Veronica

Hello.  I’m Veronica.  My training incorporates Dramatherapy (Masters Degree), Sandtray Therapy and Psychoanalytical Studies on human growth and development and drama and performance skills.Child Therapist

I specialise in the field of the mental and emotional health of children aged 4- 12 years; focusing on behavioural difficulties and loss through sickness, bereavement, and separation. In my work, I draw on over twenty-year’s experience working with families and children in my work as a radiographer in Crumlin Children’s Hospital, Dublin.

As a Creative Arts Therapist, I work in a variety of settings and services, offering therapy and creative arts to children with physical, intellectual and emotional disabilities.

For the past 10 years, I have been working in primary school settings with children who exhibit behavioural problems. In the school setting, my role is to establish a creative space for the children where behavioural difficulties can be explored, social and communication skills can be developed on the part of young children and the understanding and communication between pupils and teachers enhanced.

I adhere to the best practice guidelines & code of ethics of the Irish Association of Creative Art  Therapies.

What is Creative Arts Therapy?

Creative Arts is an expressive therapy that uses the creative process to facilitate the exploration and healing physically, mentally and emotionally in the individual.   It can involve the use of art, music, drama, dance/movement, play or sand play.

Creative Arts Therapy

It is often a sensory experience and uses elements such as touch, sound and colours to engage the senses. The session is very much client led where the participant can express feelings, thoughts, and ideas through creativity in a safe supportive therapeutic environment.

Who I work with?

Children, who experience emotional and physical health difficulties, Low self-esteem, grief, learning disabilities, serious illnesses, depression, and behavioral problems.

My therapy is a useful medium to help the child understand himself/herself better and to process events in their life.

Creative Therapies

How I work?

When working with a child, I meet with the parents first for an initial assessment of the difficulty they feel their child is experiencing.   This is generally a 1-hour session.

Following this, I meet with the parents and the child to introduce me and the working environment to the child.   I usually work for a minimum of 6 sessions with the child alone and then reconnect for a follow up with the parents.  The length of session time is dependent on the age and needs of the child  (45-60mins).Arts Therapies for Children

Should there be a need on the parents behalf or my behalf to communicate during these 6 weeks; there is an open opportunity to communicate with me.

In my work I adhere to the best practice guidelines & code of ethics of the Irish Association of Creative Art  Therapies.


Initial Consultation Session with Parents (60-90mins)                 € 100

Child Sessions (45-60-mins)                                                                       €. 70

Follow up feedback meetings                                                                     €. 70

Veronica McGuire


Telephone:  087 6757825

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