The Covid Crisis, a time to reflect and consider psychotherapy…


Covid Crisis and Uncertainty

The Covid Crisis was a challenge like no other for everyone. We have been asked to slow down and retreat to our homes. The experience and intensity of uncertainty has caused many people to re-evaluate their lives. The quality of their relationships has become clearer.

This has become a period of time when there is the potential for reflection on your life and a time to consider if you would like to make personal changes.

Potential Issues from the Covid Crisis

Here are some of the issues that may have arisen.

Perhaps your feelings of loneliness, anxiety, depression, anger or feelings you don’t understand have become more apparent.

These questions may come to the fore:

Are you satisfied with how you are in relationship with others? Maybe there are areas of the relationships you have managed to ignore or avoid when life was busier with more distractions that you now need to understand more.

Are you happy in your job? Are you where you hoped to be in your life?

Maybe you have an uneasy feeling and cannot understand where this feeling has come from.

Time to take action…

If you are feeling even a little motivated about wishing to bring about positive personal change to your life, this might be the right time to start or return to therapy.

I see people for individual therapy and group psychotherapy. A safe confidential space is provided so that you can take time to explore issues that are affecting the quality of your life. It is possible through talking therapies to make profound personal change which has the potential to transform your life.

If you would like to meet for an initial assessment appointment to see if this is a suitable form of therapy for you, please get in touch, see my contact details below and you can see my full profile here.

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