Counselling and Psychotherapy BSc Hons; MA; APCP

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Kristyna Alessandrini

Kristyna Alessandrini – Qualified therapist (BA Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy) with the NCPII, National Counselling and Psychotherapy Institute of Ireland and ICHAS, Institute of Humanities and Applied Sciences). I am accredited with the APCP, Association of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

K AlessandriniI provide a healing, caring and warm space for clients seeking help and support with their current difficulties.

I offer a Humanistic Integrative, talking therapy. The kind of conversation that takes place in therapy is a very unlike the kind of conversation you have with your friends over a cup of coffee.

For one thing, the conversation is entirely about you and led by whatever is preoccupying you at that time. The therapy will provide you with a safe space in which you will be able to give voice – perhaps for the very first time – to the things that trouble you. Together with your therapist, you will find yourself reflecting on all aspects of your life: your childhood, your relationships past and present, your dreams and desires, your terrors and fears, your body and your spirit.

Through these conversations and interactions with your therapist, you will come to know more about yourself and to understand yourself better. Through developing a greater understanding, self-knowledge and a growing acceptance of yourself, change becomes more possible.
This will ultimately give you the possibility of living a more fulfilling and fulfilled life.

I offer a broad range of services including: Bereavement and Loss, Stress Management, Anxiety and Depression, Relationships Difficulties, Low Self Esteem and Confidence, Eating Disorders, Anger Management, Couples Therapy and Conflict Resolution.

I am a proficient in providing therapy in Italian also.


Everybody is welcome as I am very happy to offer a sliding scale counselling.