Emmett Technique Professional Course in November – Notice from Triona your instructor…Postponed till January 16th

Triona-Stafford Emmet Course The Healing House

Regarding the Emmett Technique Professional Courses at The Healing House in Dublin I am very much looking forward to seeing you at Mod 3 on January Sat 16th and Sun 17th .

As you are aware the current situation with COVID-19 has necessitated changes to many aspects of our lives in order for us to stay personally safe and to keep others we come into contact with safe too. EMMETT courses are no exception.

A primary concern and responsibility of mine as the Instructor is to keep everyone safe while enjoying training together. EMMETT courses will run in accordance with Government guidelines and use those supplied by CHP, our accrediting body, as the basis for further control measures.

As an attending student you need to be aware of the procedures we are putting into operation before, during and after the course before you attend. Please read the attached documents very carefully. I am asking you to share in the responsibility of keeping yourself and everyone else safe. You need to be well prepared before you arrive. As your Instructor I cannot be responsible for all aspects of your interactions with other students, the training equipment, other surfaces you come into contact with or indeed anything you forget. Please be aware you may not be permitted to stay at the course if you don’t have all the necessary safety equipment.

I recognise there is a lot of information to digest here and it may feel onerous to begin with but once you and I are fully prepared I am sure we can all have the same fun class experience we always have in EMMETT classes.

Kindest regards,


Triona-Stafford Emmet Course The Healing House


  • Please rest assured all surfaces in the training room will have been disinfected ahead of your arrival. The room will be well aired and windows will be kept open as far as possible so please dress warmly in colder weather.
  • Firstly, and obviously, you need to be well. Please read the attached COVID-19 screening document and ensure that, on the morning of the course, you can say NO to all the questions. You will be asked to sign accordingly before you enter the training area.
  • Understand the Instructor is obliged to pass your details (name and contact phone number) to Track and Trace Service if requested. You will be asked to sign a form to signify you understand this, before entering the class.
  • If you are exempt from using a mask, please contact your Instructor to discuss as you will be unable to participate in the hands-on practise and indeed may not be able to attend the class at all.
  • If you are either clinically extremely vulnerable or clinically vulnerable you should seek advice from your GP about your suitability to attend classes. Discuss this with the Instructor before coming to class.

 Please bring with you:

  • your own pen, pencils, paper and most recent Training Guide. It will be your responsibility to keep your own materials away from everyone else and safely stored under your chair when not in use.
  • a large plastic bag – which can be tied closed – to store any personal belongings that you will not need during the day. This bag should be kept away from the main training area and everyone else. If you are travelling by car, please leave any such items safely in your car.
  • a spare set of clothes, in a separate closable plastic bag, if you are travelling by public transport to change into once you arrive at the venue and before entering the training room. Please store your travel clothes in this bag away from the main training area.
  • your own visor AND disposable masks (type II, 3 layers) – please arrive with your mask in place. Please bring spare masks as they will need replacing if they become wet, damaged or contaminated form incorrect use. You will need to use the visor during the hands-on practise and whenever you are closer than 1m distance from your work partner or other class members. Please familiarise yourself with safely donning and doffing a mask and visor using this Dropbox link.

If you need to buy masks to the correct specification follow this Amazon link. Make sure the masks you buy have Type II on the label.

If you need to buy a visor this is the one CHP members have found comfortable and “fog free”.

  • disposable gloves (optional) for you to wear when practising and for you to give to the therapist when you are being worked on if you prefer not to be touched with bare fingers. Gloves must be disposed of after each practise session. If you are using gloves please familiarise yourself with safely removing them using this Dropbox link.
  • disposable plastic aprons (optional) for you to wear when practising and for you to give to the therapist when you are being worked on if you prefer this extra layer of protection. If you are using aprons please familiarise yourself with safely donning and doffing fuller PPE using this Dropbox link and this one.
  • your own hand sanitiser for use throughout the day. Please familiarise yourself with hand sanitation with hand sanitiser using this Dropbox link and/or with soap and water using this Dropbox link.
  • your own disinfecting surface wipes to clean the massage table and bolster after you have used them plus any other surfaces you may come into contact with. Please ensure any wipes you buy effectively deal with coronavirus. Dettol wipes are suitable and can be bought in bulk on Amazon or in most grocery stores.
  • 2 clean pieces of fabric or couch roll & one piece of fabric: to lie on, and to be draped with.
  • a further plastic bag to store your fabric and cleaning materials in between practice sessions. To be stored under your allocated massage table.
  • a bin bag to store used couch roll in. It will be your responsibility to take this bag home with you and safely dispose of it at the end of the day.
  • your own water, snacks and lunch and crockery and cutlery. We can no longer offer snacks at morning tea and coffee.
  • your own tea / coffee in a thermos or your own mug, spoon and a T-towel to keep your own crockery and cutlery clean where the venue provides facilities to make your own drinks. Where tea and coffee is provided by the venue and they are washing the cups you will not need either. Your Instructor will advise.
  • Please aim to enter the training room only 5-10 minutes before the course is due to start, unless you are bringing a massage table in which case please arrive 15 minutes before the course start time.
  • If you are travelling by public transport change into your clean workshop clothes before entering the training room. Put your travel clothes in a separate closable plastic bag and store them away from the training area.
  • On arrival you will be asked to sanitise your hands and then sign the documentation regarding your lack of COVID-19 symptoms and the NHS track and trace permission. Please have your own pen ready.
  • Safely store any belongings you will not be needing during the training away from the training area in your own bag before proceeding to a massage table.
  • You will sit at a massage table with a partner. You will remain with the same partner and massage table throughout the day.
  • During the theory teaching you will sit at opposite ends of the massage table to your work buddy wearing your masks. This will maintain 1m+
  • During the practise demo you will put on your visor and move forward to watch the demo respecting everyone’s space and maintaining as much distance as possible. You will be encouraged to move positions to allow everyone a good view during the demonstration.
  • During practise with your partner the therapist will wear mask and visor at all times. The client will remove the visor during treatment keeping the mask on.
  • Therapist and client will sanitise hands before and after each practise.
  • The massage table will be covered with the client’s fabric/couch roll.
  • During practise move away from the person you are working on after each move to minimise close contact – this can also give you an opportunity to practise client observation!
  • After practise the client will remove their fabrics to their plastic bag. The therapist will sanitise the massage table and bolster before swapping.
  • Please practise with “minimal-chatting” to minimise droplet spread.
  • Practice time will be limited to 10 minutes per therapist to limit the time spent in each other’s close company.
  • The Early Bird discount for course fees paid in full at least 3 weeks prior to the course still applies. This is  €340. After that time the course fee is €380.
  • Our refund policy still applies – as detailed on the ETUK website. However, if you are unwell with COVID-19 symptoms anytime up to the start of the course and you would fail the COVID-19 questionnaire on the day of the course you will be able to transfer your full course fee to the next convenient course.
  • pen, pencils, paper
  • Training Guide
  • 3-4 large plastic bags (spare clothes, belongings, fabric and cleaning wipes, bin for used couch roll)
  • a spare set of clothes if travelling by public transport
  • visor
  • disposable masks (type II, 3 layers)
  • disposable gloves (optional)
  • aprons (optional)
  • hand sanitiser
  • disinfecting surface wipes
  • 2 clean pieces of fabric or couch roll & one piece of fabric
  • water, snacks & lunch & crockery & cutlery
  • thermos or mug, spoon & Tea-towel
  • ensure you have familiarised yourself with donning and doffing your protective kit

Download this notice in .pdf here.

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