All About Hypnotherapy and Havening Techniques

The Healing House

Stephen Travers is the founder of Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin and has over 15 years’ expertise as a therapist.

Advanced Hypnotherapy Dublin
Stephen in Practice at The Healing House

He practices here in The Healing House in the heart of Dublin where he sees clients for private and confidential one to one sessions.

Below are a summary and some details about his extensive therapy experience, his services and how he can help you.

Stephen specialises in helping people gain freedom from anxiety based disorders such as panic attacks, fears, phobias, post- traumatic stress and confidence issues.

He can also help you to overcome addictions, bad habits and unwanted behaviours. And identify and resolve the root causes of these problems.

Stephen uses leading edge psychological methods such as Hypnotherapy & the Havening Techniques to help you achieve fast, lasting and positive results.

He is also accredited in Emotional Freedom Therapy & Thought Field Therapy, also known as Energy Psychology or Psycho-Sensory Therapies.

Before you attend Stephen’s hypnotherapy or Havening sessions you may be interested to know that he used to get anxiety and panic attacks himself.

This caused him to immerse himself into studying different therapies to find the answers to help resolve these problems. He now uses approaches and techniques which can produce rapid, gentle and lasting positive results.

In his Havening  and Advanced Hypnotherapy sessions he can help you quickly & effectively overcome  most anxiety based issues.

Here are list are main issue he helps people with:

Stephen is also the Director of U.K. and International Havening.

He works directly the founders of Havening, Dr Ronald & Steven Ruden in developing this breakthrough neuroscientific psycho-sensory therapy for overcoming anxiety based disorders.

And he is an International Havening Techniques Trainer and runs two day Havening courses here in Dublin, Ireland, U.K. and Europe.

Havening Techniques
Stephen teaching therapists on how to use hypnotherapy with Havening

At his courses he teaches you about the ground-breaking research and neuroscience behind the Havening Techniques and how they were developed.

And how you can apply Havening on yourself and other people to help gain freedom from anxiety based disorders and develop emotional resilience and confidence.

At his trainings he shows how anxiety, trauma and stress related problems become encoded in the brain and body, and teaches you how to identify the root causes to overcome them.

In Stephens one to one Havening & hypnosis for anxiety sessions he aims to help you achieve fast, lasting & positives results from the very start.

His clients often experience very positive results and changes within their first session.

Havening combined in hypnotherapy sessions can produce profound healing effects.

This often results in people feeling a sense of emotional and physical calmness, relaxation and confidence.

Stephen also teaches his clients how to use self- hypnosis and the Havening techniques for stress control and to maintain and build upon the positive results they achieve in their sessions.

If you would like to avail of the free phone consultation please email with your name and number for a call back.

Or call 086 178 68 09 and please leave a message with your name and number and best time to call back if the line is busy.

Please see  for client written and video testimonials & success stories who have been to see Stephen.