John Kenny is one of Ireland’s most noted Tarot reading experts who has featured in many television and radio programmes over the past thirty years.

Tarot and Numerology Readings – What are the benefits?

Some Tarot readers can only see the visible and obvious in a client’s life, however John’s Tarot Reading offers you insights into your inner life which is often far more important, helpful and useful to you.

John’s Tarot readings provides you with an in-depth look at the ‘recent’ and ‘distant’ past so that you can leave it behind and not repeat the mistakes you may have made previously. This can be very settling.

John also uses his tarot readings to clarify your present situation and the reality behind it, so you can handle it better.

John also shows you the future trends, so you know what to expect and when to expect it. John is well known for his time accuracy.

Tarot Reading Duration and Contact Details

Each reading with John Kenny takes approximately one hour and you may record the reading if you wish.

To arrange an appointment, you can call John at 086 8308243 or email john@thehealinghouse.ie

On-line Readings available on WhatsApp Video