Therapy – Anxieties

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John Kenny


John has trained in many areas of healing since 1972. During open-heart surgery in 1985, he discovered the Light inside himself and has followed that Light ever since. His spirit guides continue to support him and those around him as he himself continues to grow.

Most of us at some stage in our lives lose our balance physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. This brings pain, discomfort and unhappiness into our lives. By working directly with Spirit and doing a hands-on healing, John has brought relief and comfort to many people who have come to him over the years.

Time By appointment

Cost €60 (negotiable according to means)

Mobile 086 8308243

Erika Klein

Spiritual Healer

Erika specialises in Spiritual Healing. She is available by appointment and also runs a regular support group and workshops in spiritual growth.

Mobile 087 2067266

Spiritual Healing is a natural healing that works in harmony with the mind, body and spirit. It naturally connects with and facilitates the changes taking place within. It does not interfere or intrude but responds to what each client needs wherever they are on their individual journey helping to bring release and understanding to the mind and body.

Spiritual Healing works from a place of acceptance and Love.

Erika found her way to Spiritual Healing in her early twenties. Suffering from both physical and emotional pain she exhausted all avenues searching for relief and understanding. Having tried more traditional solutions she turned to alternative therapies. This path gradually led her to Spiritual Healing. In time these healings opened Erika to a new understanding of her pain which in turn brought relief. It opened her to a deeper understanding of life’s journey. Erika now provides Spiritual Healing to others on the journey while continuing on her own path of growth and understanding.

Truth is within each one of us.

It can not be taught.

It is for each person to discover his/her own truth when called by Love to grow.

Erika also runs a regular support group and workshops in spiritual growth.

Carl Nally


Tel 01 831 8104
Mobile 087 214 4009

Karl Tooher

Cognitive Behaviour Therapist

Karl Tooher M.Sc. is a CBT therapist, counsellor and Ericksonian Hypnotherapist. His experience and training enable him to work successfully with Depression, Trauma, Anxiety, Panic, Self-Harm and pain management.

Mobile 087 2709800