Therapy – Bio-Energy

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Patricia Murray

Bio-Energy Therapist

Patricia Murray is a member of The Bio-Energy Therapists Association of Ireland (BETA), and a Counsellor Psychotherapist MIACP, MIAAAC, EAC.

Bio-Energy Therapy consists of specific hand movement techniques and Therapist Intention, which work on the energy fields in and around the body (the aura and the seven chakras) to detect and release blockages in our energy fields which cause illness. This clearing allows the body to work on healing itself. It has been known for thousands of years and comes from ancient Chinese and Indian practices and is effective on a physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual level.

Bio-Energy works on relieving and starting the healing process in physical and emotional conditions. Clients always report being calm, happy and light after sessions, more energetic and focused in life after a course, and having a good start on healing, if not already healed.

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