Therapy – Healthy Eating Advice

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Antonela Butuc


MSc. Exercise and Nutrition Science

Antonela is a confident nutritionist with experience of assessing patients’ nutritional needs, and to develop and implement the optimal nutritional program.

She possesses the ability to communicate complex and sensitive information about dietary matters in an understandable form to patients. Furthermore, she has a proven track record in promoting healthy eating habits to communities and to suggest diet modifications to individuals.

Antonela got her Masters in Exercise and Nutrition Science at University of Chester, UK and her second Masters from University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila from Bucharest. Also got a Nutritional therapy diploma at IHS, Dublin. She received her science degree from the USAMV, Bucharest, Romania, where she graduated with distinction.

In April 2013, she becomes GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) accredited practitioner. Her passion for nutrition, food and health is now a career, and she is very passionate about it. She is aware of the multitude of problems of our today society regarding nutrition and lifestyle which have to be addressed.

Mobile 087 7456707