Amatsu Therapy – Aiste Garjone

Amatsu Therapist – Aiste Garjone

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Aiste holds the certifications at Anma and Seitai level and is an active member of the ATI.

What is Amatsu

Amatsu is a soft tissue therapy targetting the points that are causing different kinds of postural adaptations,  for which the person experiences pain in various parts of the body. Those points called ‘inhibitors’ appear when trauma, whether its acute or chronic, physical or of emotional nature – is experienced by the person at some moment in their life and could stay in the tissues for years until released.

With Amatsu, Aiste helps the body to slowly get into the best position that is possible for an individual. In this way, the body can get back to where the pain doesn’t exist anymore. Treatments are done fully clothed.

Amatsu can be excellent support for any of these conditions:

Muscular or joint issues anywhere in the body, including: strains, sprains, neck, back & shoulder pain.

Injury areas include the back, neck, shoulders, knees, feet, ankles, hips and pelvis.

Conditions treated include: lumbago, sciatica, neck strain, whiplash, tight back, compressed disc, slipped disc, twisted ankles, golfers/tennis elbow, and jaw problems.  Injuries to joints/muscles/ligaments capsule etc.

Muscle imbalances, frozen shoulder, repetitive strain, digestive issues, body misalignment, inflammation. Tendonitis, fibrosis, posture, sports injuries, overuse injuries.

Therefore it also helps to –

  • Stimulate the removal of toxins
  • Improve circulation to tired muscles
  • Encourage body tone and co-ordination
  • Offer stability for the skeleton
  • Recharge the immune and nervous system
  • Restore the body’s sense of balance
  • Support the management of painful conditions
  • Promote a sense of good health and well being

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