Treatment – Reflexology

Renata Mihalikova

Herbalist & Naturopath, Reflexologist & Indian Head Massage practitioner

Member of Irish Register of Herbalists & National Register of Reflexologists Ireland

Traditional Herbal Medicine is one of the oldest forms of medicine. It uses biologically active organic compounds (phytochemicals), and their energetic and spiritual qualities to maintain and balance our wellbeing.

With herbal medicine support, there’s an opportunity to rebuild and rebalance yourself.

If you experience stress, anxiety, poor sleep, poor memory and concentration, digestive discomfort, respiratory issues, high or low blood pressure, skin issues, food cravings, pains, pms, menopause issues, chronic conditions…If you would like to boost your energy or support your immune system, Herbal assistance might be what you are looking for.

Herbal Medicine consultation is a complex, in depth consultation that helps to find out the root cause of imbalance in the body. As a Herbalist, I treat each client in an individual holistic way. Physical, mental and emotional health is taken into consideration to deliver the best possible bespoke herbal preparation, and Naturopathic advice. Part of the consultation is an insight into your dietary habits, medical history and lifestyle choices. I may ask you to record your diet and will help you to improve it with simple guidance and modification.

I use Reflexology and Indian Head Massage alongside Herbal formulas to achieve maximum benefit and holistic approach.


Dip in Herbal Medicine Dip in  Naturopathy Dip in Reflexology

Dip in Indian Head Massage


Mobile: (087) 6296984