Ann Marie Burke


B.A. (Psychology) MSc (Systemic Psychotherapy)

Counsellor / Psychotherapist / Family Therapist

Systemic Psychotherapy, also known as Couples or Family Therapy, attempts to understand a person’s distress within the situation in which it occurs, such as in the person’s family, couple relationship or in the wider environment.  This therapeutic approach does not isolate the person, but rather helps individuals make sense of their difficulties in the context of their present lives.

A family therapist believes that, while the origin of a problem may well have a foundation in the past, the solution can often be found in current relationships.  For example, a person may have a diagnosis of anxiety or depression due to a distressing life event.  However how significant others in that person’s life relate to him or her can be crucial in how symptoms are managed and overcome. This form of therapy helps couples and families identify patterns of behaviour that contribute to a problem.

Therapy then involves discussion and problem-solving of how to develop new ways of relating to each other that are more helpful.

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