Therapists at The Healing House

There are many fine therapists at The Healing House in Dublin. Some of these therapists have suffered from the same kind of problems they now treat.

We have therapists who have suffered with and recovered from depression, others who have recovered from broken relationships, addictions or phobias.

All of our therapists have had to deal with the same life issues as their clients. That’s what makes them good at what they do. They understand your difficulties.

We have a sleep therapist who can help you cope with insomnia or sleep apnoea so you can re-establish healthy sleep patterns.

We have a speech therapist who will help you regain your voice after surgery or teach you how to swallow properly.

We have therapists who can help you with physical problems like a stiff neck or a bad back. We have others who can work with you to overcome panic attacks and phobias.

We can help you cope with stress and even give you career advice if you need it. We also have an art therapist who can assist you unblock your natural creativity.

We have alternative medicine practitioners and acupuncturists to ease your pain or help with fertility issues.

Our hypnotists can make it easier for you to give up smoking or to deal better with low self-esteem. Our counselling therapists will guide you through your dilemmas and help you clarify your options.

For enquiries or to make an appointment please contact the relevant Treatments using the front page and associated practitioners listed to the right or Contact Us at The Healing House on 01-8306413 or email:

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