About Us

About The Healing House: Est:1978

We are a dedicated team of healers, therapists and counsellors co-ordinated by founder John Kenny and Gemma Grimes.

Together we provide a safe environment and a peaceful atmosphere for both clients and therapists to work in.

We believe that everyone encounters problems in life, and all of us at some time need a helping hand to get over the more serious problems. Difficulties ranging from simple naivety to more serious questions issues such as gambling addiction, marital challenges to job related stress or even unfair dismissal or bullying in the work place.

Some of us have experienced physical problems like back pain or emotional pain from wounding relationships, abuse or bereavement. Mental pain such as phobias, depression, suicidal thoughts or ‘racing brain syndrome’ can leave us feeling cornered and without help.

Spiritual pain can be experienced when we feel lost or we lack trust in life.

At The Healing House we provide caring therapists experienced in each of these fields to help you to feel better as quickly as possible.

See our contact us page for all our contact details or email: john@thehealinghouse.ie or call 01-8306413 in order to make an appointment or if you have any questions.

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