Catherine O’Connell


Mediator, Restorative Practitioner and Conflict Coach
Lecturer Mediation and RP MU PhD Candidate School of Law Maynooth University


Mediation is a process that assists people and groups who are in conflict with each other find a way to manage the conflict and move forward with the help of an experienced and accredited mediator.

Catherine O’Connell is a mediator and a conflict management coach. She offers both face to face and online mediation to individuals and people experiencing conflict in the workplace or people who have decided to end a partnership/marriage

Conflict Management Coaching is for Individuals who would like to enhance their ways of managing conflicts, have challenging conversations successfully, and expand their repertoire of conflict management styles behaviours.  Conflict management coaching gives clients an opportunity to work one on one with an experienced coach in safety and privacy either face to face or online. It allows people to consider what their best options are and working through which option will work best for them in the long term.

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