“Last year I suffered a severe form of Bell’s Palsy, which meant that the left side of my face lost all movement. Not only was I unable to close my eye, but even eating was extremely difficult. After two months of no improvement and constant pain, I was recommend to go see John and try the Emmett technique. I didn’t really know what the technique was, but I was willing to try it.

From the very start, John put me at ease by listening carefully to what I had to say which really reassured me. At every step, he explained clearly what he was going to do and how he would do it. Before we started I was quite anxious and nervous about the results, but this faded straight away as the relief in my face was incredible. I hadn’t realized how much pain I had been in, I’m not sure I can describe how much of a difference it made. I went to several sessions with John, which I found invaluable. Using the Emmett technique made an immediate difference in my symptoms. There was a visible difference in the palsy and the pain was reduced, managed & helped. It was the only thing that I found made such a noticeable difference and I really would highly recommend John to anyone.”