Eibhlin Robinson

Foot Health, Orthotics

Hi, I’m Eibhlin and I have run Step Forward Ireland Orthotics Company in partnership with Frank Dunphy for over 20 years.

My background is founded on lots of bodywork disciplines in which I am fully qualified. These include Massage, I.T.E.C., Sports Massage I.T.E.C., Aromatherapy I.T.E.C., Indian Head Massage I.T.E.C., I am a Professional Member of The Kinesiology Association of Ireland, Tui-Na Ireland  and Bio-Testing & Therapy International.  I have also completed various Energy Healing Courses and have a keen interest in Energetic and Frequency Based Medicine including Sound & Light Therapies.

As a result of personal health issues and having been disillusioned with the conventional medical routes I was led to Orthotics, which, hand on heart, changed my life dramatically. This was approx. 35 years ago.

Frank, my colleague came upon the “Soft Step” Flexible Orthotics about 24 years ago and since I purchased a pair from the then Canadian Distributor at a show in Dublin I have never looked back.

One year after wearing the “Soft Step” Orthotics I was so impressed  and had had such major improvements in my health that I sought out the possibility of  being the Irish Distributor for such an excellent product.

The rest is history.  We have been successfully supplying and fitting the “Soft Step”  Flexible Orthotic for over 20 years throughout Ireland and have many, many satisfied customers.

Worldwide there have been over one and a half million pairs sold by various International Distributors.

The main principle of its success is that we do not mould it to the shape of your foot and this is why our product works so well. The “Soft Step” is pre-formed in the shape of a healthy foot      with 3-load bearing arches in each foot and contains 6 points of balance inherent in the design.

It fits your own shoe size and can be worn in approx. 80% of shoe styles so you are not confined to one or two pairs of shoes.

The cost of a pair is most agreeable coming in at €370 per pair.

This correlates to €1 a day for 1 year …. On average they last approx. 10 years, but, apart from the cost the benefits to your entire body are exceptional.

See our website   www.stepforwardireland.com  for further details or contact  Eibhlin on 086-8309392    or   Frank on 086-8308757

The Insoles are suitable for use by people with any or all of the following:

  • Fallen Arches/Flat Feet
  • High Arches
  • Bunions (helps take pressure off bunion area, unfortunatley they do not correct/reduce the bunion)
  • Corns/Callouses
  • Hammer Toes
  • Heel Spur
  • Back Pain
  • Hip/Knee/Ankle/Foot Pain
  • Neck & Shoulder Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Shin Splints
  • Pronation (falling in on your ankles)
  • Supination or Over Pronation (leaning out on your ankles)
  • Poor Posture
  • Mortons Neuroma
  • Metatarsalgia/Tendonitis
  • Balance issues
  • General Pains in Feet
  • Meniscus Pain

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