Emma Grimes


Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, Counselling

Emma is an experienced psychotherapist who works with issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship problems, sexual issues and eating disorders. She provides a confidential and non-judgemental space in which to speak, explore and grow. She works, not only with one’s conscious thoughts, but also with a view to understanding the unconscious thoughts and motivations that drive them. This therapy has the potential to effect profound change in one’s life. This change can provide short term relief but also long-term insight and understanding.

Emma has been working therapeutically for over twenty years. She also lectures in Psychoanalysis in both Dublin Business School (DBS) and UCD School of medicine, St Vincents Hospital.
She has a master’s degree in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy form University College Dublin (UCD). She trained at St. Vincent’s University Hospital Dublin, School of Psychotherapy. Emma also has a Higher Diploma in Psychotherapy Studies from UCD, and a primary BA degree in Communications Studies form Dublin City University (DCU).
As a fully accredited member of the Association for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Ireland (APPI), Emma adheres to APPI’s ‘Code of Ethics and Practice’.

To schedule an appointment with Emma, please call 087-7974422 or email her on, emmagrimes23@gmail.com.