Erika Klein

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healer

Erika specialises in Spiritual Healing. She is available by appointment for one to one healings at The Healing House.

Mobile 087 2067266

Erika is a very experienced Healer and has been working with people for over 20 years.

Erika practices a natural healing that does not intrude but responds to what the person needs at that point in time and helps to bring them to an understanding of their own individual journey, mind, and purpose.  We live at a time that there are many changes happening in the world and many internal changes happening within the mind.  These changes can bring challenges – emotional, physical, and mental – that can be difficult to understand and sometimes difficult to cope with.  Erika’s healings work with the person to help open the door to understand their individual mind, their reactions, and their traps and to also understand the nature and reason for the changes and challenges they are facing within the bigger picture of the changes happening in the world. Her healings work from a place of acceptance and Love.

Erika found her way to Spiritual Healing in her early twenties. Suffering from both physical and mental pain she tried all avenues both traditional and alternative searching for relief and understanding. This path gradually led her to Spiritual Healing. In time the healings opened Erika to an understanding of the cause and reason for her pain which brought relief, and also opened her to a much deeper understanding of the mind and of life’s journey. Erika now provides Spiritual Healing to others while continuing on her own path of growth and understanding.

Truth is within each one of us.

It cannot be taught.

It is for each person to understand his/her own Truth when called by the Love to grow.