Group Analytic Psychotherapist

M.Sc. Group Analytic Psychotherapist (UCD), Dip. Group Analytic Supervision – Role Consultant. MICP, MIGAS

Valerie is an experienced psychotherapist, working with individuals and groups for over twenty years. Her interest is in assisting clients in becoming their more authentic selves through engaging in talking therapies. This process encourages individuals to engage fully with the difficulties they face in their lives and have the potential to overcome them.

The presenting problems may be feelings of anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties in families, with friends or at work, feeling unsure of your identity or feeling directionless in your life. Whatever the problem is, meeting Valerie gives you an opportunity to discover unknown aspects of yourself, to feel more connected to yourself, your life and your relationships.

Valerie also facilitates individuals and groups for clinical supervision and work supervision.

Irish Times Article: Group therapy: How to learn about yourself in the company of strangers

Contact Valerie

Mobile (087) 8294691